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About the Bluetech Award

The Bluetech Award is the world’s first award to gather, assess and promote clean air technologies around the world to tackle the most severe air pollution challenges.

The Clean Air Alliance of China launched the Bluetech Award with the goal of bringing clean air technologies to where they’re needed most. The Award committee will objectively assess technologies through a standardized evaluation process, to first verify performance results, and then examine their environmental benefits, technical performance, and financial models to find disruption potential in today’s industry.

Winners will receive ample support from the CAAC and its partners to expand its ability to grow their business in China and create a bluer sky for everyone.

2017 Bluetech Award Categories

Diesel engine emission reduction technologies and clean energy substitutes

l Fuel treatment technologies, such as diesel fuel treatment, clean energy (e.g. LNG) etc.

l Engine combustion optimization technologies, such as Exhaust Gas Recirculation, fuel injection optimization techniques, etc.

l Engine emission control technology, such as Diesel Oxidant Catalyst, Particulate Oxidation, Catalyst, Selective Catalytic Reaction, Diesel Particulate Filter, etc.

  • Diesel engine emission reduction technologies & clean energy substitutes
  • Coal combustion emission control & clean energy substitutes (non-power sector)
  • VOCs substitution and pollution prevention
  • Indoor air pollution control
  • Advanced pollution source and air quality monitoring
  • Other commercial-ready technology
About the Innovation
Center for Clean-air Solutions

The Innovation Center for Clean-air Solutions (ICCS) is the operating secretariat of the Clean Air Alliance of China (CAAC), a Beijing-based platform for think-tanks that was initiated by 10 major Chinese academic and technical institutions working in the air quality industry. The Alliance aims to provide an integrated clean air collaboration platform in China for academic and technical institutions, provinces and cities, non-profit organizations and enterprises. The overarching goal is to improve air quality in China and mitigate the negative impacts on public health due to air pollution. The members of CAAC include academic institutions, provinces & cities, as well as other nonprofit organizations and enterprises that care about clean air.

2016 Bluetech Award Partners
Bluetech"Future star"Award

2017 Bluetech Award has specially setup this Award for all valuable developing technologies which are yet commercialized. To leverage Bluetech platform resources in helping the potential technologies’ development. This Award covers all clean air technology categories, such as monitoring, pollution control, energy saving, new material, renewable energy, new energy vehicle etc.


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