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Overview of the Bluetech International
Clean Air Forum

The Bluetech Award is the world’s first award to gather, assess and promote clean air technologies around the world to tackle the most severe air pollution challenges.With the goal of bringing technologies to where they're urgently needed, The Clean Air Alliance of China launched the Bluetech Award, which objectively assesses technologies through a standardized evaluation process, to verify performance results, and examine environmental benefits, technical performance, and financial models to find disruption potential in today’s industry. Winners receive ample support from the CAAC and its partners to grow in China and create a bluer sky for everyone.

The 2nd Bluetech Award gathered 54 applicants from April to August, from the US,UK, Japan,Korea,Switzerland,Holland,Denmark,Sweden,Norway,Germany,France,Israel and China. During August and November,2016, the Bluetech Committee assessed and validated various technologies based on real-life practical results. Six winners and 17 finalists were chosen in the Diesel Engine Pollution Control;Emission Control Technology for Non-electrical Coal Combustion;VOC Monitoring, Substitution and Pollution Control;Indoor Air Purification;Advanced Ultra-Low Emission Control Technology for Coal Fired Power Plant.

Forum Highlights

Guest speakers

Opening Speech

Hao Jiming, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University; Chairman of CAAC Steering Committee

Bluetech Award Winners & Finalists

26 Bluetech Finalists on-stage

2016 Follow-up Activities

2nd Bluetech Award International Clean Air Technology Campaign Introduction Seminar Held in Shanghai

On June 16, 2016, Sponsored by theClean Air Alliance of China (CAAC), the Clean Air Innovation Center and ECOTECHCHINA hosted the 2nd Bluetech Award introduction Seminar in NationalExhibition and Convention Centre (Shanghai). The seminar emphasized onintroducing Bluetech Award’s application, assessment and disseminationactivities. Dr. Xuan Ling, the senior project manager of secretariat for CleanAir Alliance of China, provided a detailed introduction on Bluetech Award.


Bluetech Award Winners and Finalists Participated in Matchmaking Activities in Shenzhen

The Shenzhen Air Quality Measurement and CleanAir Technology Workshop and matchmaking activity took place on December 19thand 20th. The activities were hosted by the Shenzhen Academy of Environmental Sciences and Secretariat for Clean Air Alliance of China (CAAC)with support from Energy Foundation China. Mr. Dai Zhitao, deputy director of the Atmospheric Bureau of Shenzhen Human Settlement Environment Committee, introducedthe event. Representatives from CAAC, Shenzhen Human Settlement Environment Committee, office of Shenzhen Motor Vehicle Emission Regulatory, Shenzhen BusGroup, Bluetech Award winners and finalists and related enterprises joined the workshop.



Bluetech winners and finalists had ample opportunities to showcase their strengths at the Forum, such as formal presentations, on-stage industry commentary and custom match-making events.

Bluetech Introductory Meeting

On October 16, the CAAC hosted the 4th Clean Air Investor Salon, bringing in investors who are interested in clean air industry opportunities to showcase leading innovations, highlight market and policy changes and demonstrate CAAC’s tools to assess investment opportunities. More than 50 representatives from local environmental departments, investing institutions, Chinese and overseas media, innovative technology programs and other leading organizations attended the Salon.


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