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Bluetech Winners 2016
Air Powered Start-up System

Category: Diesel Engine Pollution Control Technology

Applicant: Shanghai ShenZhou Vehicle Energy Saving & Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.


◎ The Air Powered Start-up System employ hydraulic drive mechanism to recover kinetic energy at deceleration and while idle. The energy is stored as compressed nitrogen in the energy accumulator at maximum pressure of 28MPa. The hydraulic motor then utilize the energy stored in the accumulator to drive the vehicle.

◎ Key components of the Air Powered Start-up System are a specially designed gearbox,hydraulic pump, energy accumulator, hydraulic controller and electronic control unit (ECU).The unique gearbox is capable to output power in hydraulic mode, engine mode and hybrid mode. The gearbox has an auto hold function and is able to provide driving force from the hydraulic system in neutral gear. After the air powered staring, driver can directly shift to higher gear from neutral gear which will reduce their labor intensity.

◎As an independent system, the Air Powered Start-up System can be installed without changing vehicle's original structure. It is suitable for both retrofitting and new vehicle production. The system is compatible for diesel engines, gasoline engines, natural gas engines and even electric motors.

Environmental Features:

◎Fuel saving: 20% (urban bus traffic)

◎Reduce the PM, CO, HC and CO2 emissions by reducing inefficient engine combustion and improving fuel economy.

Financial Features:

◎System cost: 120,000 RMB. Return of investment: About 2 years

◎The system can reduce wear and tear on clutch and brake and thus extend the maintenance interval.

Bluetech finalists 2016

How we judge

The committee will use CAAC’s “Clean Air Technology Assessment Methodology” to assess the nominated technologies. The assessment will examine achieved performance and testing results to look for breakthrough potential in terms of environmental impact, technical performance and financial viability:

Environmental Impact: Pollution control efficiency and effectiveness, etc.

Technical Performance: Userfriendly design,operation performance and service life,etc.

Financial Viability: Initial installation cost, life cycle operation and maintenance costs,etc.

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